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About me...

I am Tone Irene, a 20 year old girl of Norway, neighbours of  Sweden - the country that has brought us the best band in the history of rock: Europe. They are well-known for their great hit "The final countdown". and with that song a new exciting chapter of my life of music began.

I was in my room, autumn 99, listening to a mix tape made by a friend of mine. amongst opposites like Shania Twain, Cher and the songs from Grease, I found The final countdown. I had just listened to the end of Greased Lightning, and then I just froze. The fanfare just touched - no! - Melted my heart completly. And I was nailed to that very spot on the floor, couldn`t move, just listened to a song so sweet.

I told my best friend about it, and she said "The final countdown? Well, that`s a Europe song. My dad was a real fan!" Later on I borrowed the album 1982-1992 of my friend that had made me the mix tape, and it tok me months to go through the entire album.

Actually, it took me 5 years to buy all the albums. But I`ve been a die hard fan for 5 years, and I`m not getting tired just yet! Last year, on my 18th birthday, I received a mail from a Europe fan I had bought some videos from over the years, and he wrote: Happy Birthday. EUROPE IS BACK!

Now I`ve been to two concerts, the very first on the European Summer Tour 2004, (at the comeback, yes), Vallset, Norway, and on Rockefeller this fall. I have actually been touched by Joey Tempest. (the magic date was 19th october 2004)

"I think we`re heading for Venus"  Ian`s reply when a reporter at Lokerse Festen asks if they know where they are.


This is me and Glam, lead singer in Wig Wam. Here we are at Gardermoen, after he arrived from a gig in Bergen, where the four guys recieved one golden record each. Photographer is Per Erik, he`s making the Wig Wam official international band-page :) www.wigwamband.com.. Anyway, he was a really cool guy!


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